Pool Sessions - Whilst Deben Pool Closed

Roughly once a month the club is running a 2 hour Pool Session at the Hadleigh Swimming Pool, until the Deben Pool has been reopened. These sessions are expected to run until the middle of 2018. Because the effort involved in getting people and boats for Hadleigh is significant, the sessions are booked for 2 hours and will include opportunities for training and play. 


  • The Pool Sessions all start at 5:00pm and last two hours.
  • All equipment needs to be transported, so we need to agree who is going in advance of the session.
  • Most paddlers wear a T Shirt over their swimming costumes.
  • If you bring your own boat it must be thoroughly cleaned before it will be allowed in the pool. The club and/or the pool reserve the right to refuse entry to any boat that has not be thoroughly cleaned before the session. 
  • Sessions cost £10.00/paddler. Non members may only attend for at most 2 sessions before joining the club for Insurance reasons.
  • Families will be charged for the first three paddlers only. (£30)


Deben Leisure Centre Redevlopment

The Deben Leisure Centre (Pool) redevelopment seems to be progressing well. Assuming everything continues to progress, we expect to be back in the Deben Pool around July 2018.


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