COVID-19 Position

Deben Canoe Club have considered the options for a return to Paddling at Woodbridge as the Covid-19 restrictions are eased. We have considered a range of activities including Social Paddling (e.g. a Trip whilst adhering to Social Distancing guidelines), Youth Activities, New member Training and Public Activities.

From 1 July 2020 we can offer:

  • Social Paddling activities to club members (Adults and accompanied children) who use their own equipment
  • Social Paddling activities to club members (Adults and accompanied children) who wish to use the Club/Centre equipment on one evening a week.

We cannot offer:

  • Youth Activities (Games, getting wet, rafting etc.)
  • New Member Training or Public Activities

Hence, from Thursday 2 July 2020 we intend to reopen the club for Social Paddling. This will be available to club members of all ages. As with all club activities, the final decision will rest with the coaches on the day and the following numbers will be enforced:

  • Groups MUST be no more than 6 people (Government policy) (Five + Coach)
  • Any members using centre equipment MUST be paddling with a coach (Insurance Stipulation)
  • Coaches will be responsible for safety on the water, but not Covid-19 risk. Members and accompanying adults (for U16’s) will be responsible for maintaining Social Distance.

We will endeavour to always have at least two coaches along on a Thursday evening, but numbers on a Thursday will be dictated by the above ratios, as well as the normal issues of conditions etc.

The full statement is available for download as a .pdf document. This also gives guidance regarding the information assessed and the decisions made to arrive at the above position: Covid19 Reopening 20200701 Issue 1.pdf

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